Why Choose Me As Your Coach?

I believe

Coaching is one of the best investments you will ever make. As someone who has worked with a coach, and still do today, I understand how powerful and transformational coaching can be;    with the right coach.

The term “coach” itself is so broad. There are so many different kind of coaches; all who use different styles,  techniques, and philosophies, in their coaching practice.

To explain what kind of coach I am, I will admit, is something I struggle with.

But what I will tell you, is that while I’m a coach who has many tools in her tool kit, I don’t follow a strict process. You and your situation are unique, so I adapt and adjust accordingly. I rely upon my intuition and consider what’s going on for you in the present moment to guide our work together.

I’m the kind of coach who encourages you to be honest with yourself so together we can uncover what’s truly important to YOU. Not what you think you SHOULD want or what you think others EXPECT of you, but what’s right for YOU.

Clients who come to me are usually women, just like you, who don’t want to upset anyone even if it means biting your tongue and never showing how you really feel because speaking up would be considered selfish or disrespectful.

The word “No” isn’t in your vocabulary because keeping everyone around you happy and putting their needs before your own is just something you were taught to do. Anything else would be considered selfish or inconsiderate.

You never want to make a mistake because part of keeping everyone happy means that things need to be perfect, and you’re constantly worried about making the wrong decision so you find yourself replaying scenarios over and over in your head—over anlayzing EVERYTHING.

What if you could let all of that go?

How would it feel to finally say what’s really on your mind instead of biting your tongue and automatically agreeing to something or not expressing your opinion?

What if you could dial down that little voice inside your head that makes you question everything you do and say because you’re worried how others will react?

What would your life look like if you could eliminate the mindset that tells you everyone else’s needs require attention before your own? 

Here’s the thing, when you continually bite your tongue, don’t express what you really want, and neglect your own needs, that’s not being true to who you really are. It’s a façade or a fake or false you. 

And unless you’re ready to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, you’ll just continue to repeat this behavior or pattern and put everyone else before yourself.

My coaching will help you do just that. It’s a combination of information and easy to use tools and skills that will help you become more self aware, self compassionate, and capable to move forward in your life in a way that you couldn’t have done before.

So if you’re ready to tame that inner critic, develop your self confidence, and rediscover you.. .the real you, the one that’s hiding behind your people pleasing ways. I’d love to help you do just that.

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Amy coached me through a difficult transition in my life, and I am forever grateful!

Amy’s coaching helped me to realize that I can offer my unique gifts to the world, barring any limiting beliefs I may have.

Thanks to Coach Amy, we worked through a lot of issues I had and now I have a lot more confidence and clear focus.

Through out my entire coaching experience with Amy, she remained inspirational, compassionate, as well as  extremely professional.

I highly recommend Amy as a coach!

Tina F.