About  Amy

If you’d told me 

10 years ago that I would be living in France and running my own coaching business, I would have laughed at you. That was definitely not the life I envisioned for myself.

But before we get into that it’s important to understand how I was brought up. It played a huge role in how I lived my life and was the basis for all of my decisions.

I was raised to be a “good girl”.

A good girl is someone who never talks back nor speaks up for what she really wants because it would be considered disrespectful, inconsiderate or selfish.

She’s expected not to say or do anything that might upset others so she bites her tongue regardless of her opinions.

The word “no” isn’t in her vocabulary because taking care of everyone and everything before herself is just what she does. Anything else would be selfish and inconsiderate.

A good girl feels like it’s the end of the world when she makes a mistake because part of being a good girl also means being perfect.  Therefore, she doesn’t allow herself to change her mind or follow a different path because that would mean she made a mistake. I was so concerned with being considered a “good girl”, that I did everything that was expected of me. I followed the “rules” and never wanted to rock the boat.

That often meant censoring who I really was by pushing down the real Amy just to appease others.

Fast forward to a few decades later, I was living in Paris with the job of my dreams, sipping champagne beneath the Eiffel Tower. My friends kept telling me how lucky I was to be living this life, and everything seemed perfect..……at least on the outside.

But on the inside, I felt like this fairytale life was starting to become a nightmare. My dream job was sucking the life out of me. I was exhausted, confused, and began to question if this was what I really wanted.

I felt like something must be REALLY wrong with me for feeling this miserable and unfulfilled with what should be a very satisfying life. But it was only when I questioned why I felt so terrified to leave a situation that I knew was no longer good for me that I realized where so many of my fears were stemming from.

I was afraid that my decision to turn my back on this amazing life and opportunity was not doing what was expected of me. I worried about what people would think of me and feared I would let everybody down.

I put so much pressure on myself to do or be something based on what I thought I was SUPPOSED to do rather than doing it because I TRULY WANTED TO BE DOING IT.

And it was only then, that I realized just how much my current behavior and current unhappiness was tied back to my desire to be the “good girl”.

And that’s why I help women just like you, who’ve spent an eternity trying to please everyone around you and along the way have lost yourself and what it means to be truly happy.

So if you’re sick and tired of trying to be perfect, doing what’s expected of you, and are ready to give yourself permission to make new choices by ditching your people pleasing, “good girl” behaviors, I’d love to help you with that.

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“Amy is warm, gentle, and supportive.”

“Her skill and intuitive guidance helped me illuminate and challenge subconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding me back my entire life. We looked at these beliefs through a lens I’ve never explored before. At the end of my first coaching session I felt lighter, clearer & more empowered. I took away strategies to implement easily….in fact very easily!

If you suspect you have limiting beliefs or repeating behaviors holding you back and you feel it’s time to challenge them so you can grow and move forward, I believe Amy is the angel to hold your hand & walk with you on your journey of transformation!

Georgie L.